Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some photos of Dexter's life.

I love my sweet puppy Dexter, probably more than normal. Here are some pictures from his life with Matt and I. From the day we  got him, to some recent photos. He's a chihuahua mix (we think with Australian cattle dog). Now, I'll got back to watching my lifetime original movie. 

2 months old... the day he came home from the rescue.

so tiny in Matt's arms

He is on a standard bed pillow. So tiny!

Pretty soon he could no long fit under that shelf and he was no longer afraid of the cat.

Looking very naughty.

first bath

He was too tired to get unstuck.

getting bigger...

First sweater and the awkward, gawky phase.

First halloween... Yellow submarine!

GIANT ears

He fit inside a pumpkin!

He loves chewing on baby pumpkins

so sassy

taking a break at the park

enjoying mommy's bud light lime (of course I didn't actually let him drink any)

such a big boy now!

he barely fits on daddy's lap!

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